There are many places you can take a Defensive Driving Texas Approved Course. You’ve landed in a reliable place here at Defensive Driving Texas and we’re honored to have you as our customer (or prospective customer)! We are Texas family owned and based in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Our 6-hour defensive driving course dismisses just about any ticket in the state of Texas. Our state certified and TEA-approved course is accepted by all district courts. If your ticket is eligible to be dismissed by a state-approved driving course, look no further, you’ve come to the right place for the cheapest and most reliable defensive driving course in Texas.

Defensive Driving Dallas

Dallas is located in the North part of Texas and neighbors Fort Worth.  The population of Dallas is now some 1.3 million people and that can mean a ton of sirens and red and blue lights out on the roadways.  Tickets in Dallas are a pretty common thing.  While we reside in neighboring Fort Worth, we know that getting a …

Selling A Car in Texas

Texans love to buy new cars (and trucks… especially trucks), so if you’ve got one to sell, you’re in luck! Selling a car in Texas by yourself is easy and you can do it with just a little bit of guidance.  Defensive Driving TX has your back! Don’t know how to sell a car in Texas? Look no further that …

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in Texas

Recently the defensive driving tx team sat in on a class in an University in Boston, Massachusetts.  It just so happened that the professor mercilessly lambast Texas as a backwards state whose conservatism deserves ridicule. The topic turned to Driving under the Influence of marijuana.  Unfortunately, this idea that conservatism equates to “backward thinking” or represents unintelligence or social injustice …

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